Jun 29, 2010

Main aur meri Cycle

It's strange... I feel like a small boy all over again. I grew up in Ghaziabad, UP and every other year or so we would come to Bangalore for summer vacations. I always liked to stay at my aunt's house in HMT layout, Jalahalli or in Mysore at my grand parents' home. I would either rent a cycle or use my uncle's cycle, once he got back from work, to go all over the layout. In Mysore, it would be all over CFTRI area. Anytime something was required from the shop, I would be there to cycle and get get it - never got tired of it. 

It's the same thing now... I am looking for excuses for taking out the cycle. Get some subzi, go to the bank, to BBMP office or the regular once or twice a week commute to work. I am discovering new places and new roads around where I live. 

Hope I can continue this enthusiasm and excite the family enough so that we can do the weekend activities on the cycle. 

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