Apr 23, 2014

Coming Around a Full Circle

Less than nineteen years back, I took my first trip abroad to the US. Still remember day 1 in US and my first bite of food at JFK airport - a baked potato loaded with cream cheese. 

From then on I've been fortunate enough to have got a chance to visit various parts of the world and experience different cuisines. Along the way chicken became one of my favorite foods to eat. Whenever we ate out while in India or abroad, I would seek out chicken in various forms. 

Thai cuisine has been one of my favorites. A month back I got my first visit to Bangkok and I was pretty excited to be in the land of Thai food. Tried to blend in during the first couple of weeks and eat along with my colleagues at the local restaurants. Just couldn't stand the sights and smells of the various kinds of meats and sea food there. 

At some point I thought about trying out only vegetarian. It was quite an effort ordering vegetarian food at the more traditional restaurants but it was okay at the more international ones. It's been over 2 weeks now eating only veggie stuff. This week I've been eating MTR packaged food for lunch. 

And guess what... I am feeling great. It's great to know I don't have to worry about what I am putting into my mouth. 

So whereas 19 years back I made a choice to each chicken meals to have a variety of choices, I think now I am making a choice to eat vegetarian and keeping it simple and real. Let's see how it goes. 

चलो सात्विक भोजन खाऐं। 
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