Sep 15, 2011

Flying in the Cloud

The last six weeks has been a whirlwind tour of new technology platforms on the cloud. Salesforce, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Amazon SES & Heroku... whew! 

In the process learnt Salesforce configuration & setup, Apex and visualforce basics, attended Dreamforce 2011 conference @ San Francisco and got my Salesforce developer certification at the conference. Made three crowdsourcing challenge submissions on and won one so far. The empowerment of developing on the cloud based platforms as opposed to traditional environments feels good.

The Dreamforce conference is the first large technology conference I attended in over three years. The energy at the conference was just plain awesome. The learning and exposure to salesforce and related technologies appeared to be better than similar technology conferences.
The day before the start of Dreamforce 2011 @ Moscone Center
The last day of the conference - still busy!

As more and more cloud platforms are made available, the development community needs to understand the nuances of development on the cloud. Things which come to mind are responsive & stable internet connection, platform enforced limitations, platform integration capabilities, source code management, continuous integration, enforced testing and error handling. Add to this the socialization of enterprise applications and mobile client platforms outnumbering the traditional browser based clients, we have at our hands a heady concoction of technologies sure to challenge and satisfy even the geekiest of us all. In summary, I feel transported back 10 years. The difference: Java then and Cloud now.

So let's Fly in the Clouds - चलो बादलों में उडें|