Dec 16, 2010

TfN 2010 Day 1

The day started at 3.45 AM with the alarm going off. Woke up Mark, got
our two bikes on the rack, took a shower, quick prayer, byes to wife &
kids and we were ready to leave. Left home at 4.40 AM, picked up
Shilpa and her bike on the way and reached Koramangala indoor stadium
by 5.30 AM. Had breakfast, did some posing for pictures, listened to
few speeches and we were flagged off at 7.20 AM.
Rode in morning traffic via Sarjapur road to Hosur road. Crossed Hosur
road and reached the back side of electronic city. From here we took
the road via Jigani to Kanakapura road. This is a very nice road for
biking. It is mostly flat with just few climbs and descents.
Unfortunately Supreeth had a nasty fall at the bottom of a descent
just before Harohalli - got deep cuts on forearm and a smaller cut on
upper thigh. He made it till the finish on the spare bike. Later came
to know that Ram had a worse fall and possibly had a fracture.
The rest of the ride was quite uneventful. Rode with Kavitha for
around 20 Km and Raghavan for around 40 Km. Reached around 4.00 PM.
Oh! and I did not do the Muthathi loop saving around 30 Km.
Got to the hotel, took a shower and had some idli and masala puri.
Dinner is being served at 8.30 PM. Not sure if I can wait till then.
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