Jun 3, 2010

First ride to Nandi Hills

On Sunday, 30-May-2010, I did my first ride to Nandi. Started from home at 3.50 AM, was joined by Shilpa and Harisha at Konankunte cross. Rode in the quiet darkness thru Jayanagar & Cubbon park till Esteem Mall just after Hebbal flyover. Here we were joined by Satish and Krishna. The five of us left from here at around 5.20 AM. This was the first time I was cycling on the broad, well paved new airport road and it was quite fun in the morning. The gradients are gradual and could pick up some good speed. Saw some hi-fi looking bikes and cars zooming past. Took some pictures of the early morning scenery and the sunrise. Around 7.00 AM reached the point where we had to take the left onto Nandi Hills - 24 Km from here to the top. Waited for the rest of the guys to join and had a quick breakfast of sandwiches lovingly prepared by Shobha in the morning. 

Started the ride to the base, took some pictures on the way and reached the Nandi base around 8.15 AM. Found that Harisha had gone off ahead to keep up the momentum. The four of us recharged on some biscuits and water and left from the base (8 Km to the top) around 8.30 AM. Satish and Krishna raced off. Shilpa and I rode together for some distance and then I too went ahead. The first 3 Kilometres were okay and had a fairly okay gradient. As I went past the 5 Km mark, it got really tough. I got down several times to rest and take pictures. Saw many pro looking bikers literally zoom past me. There were many bikers coming down as well and they motivated me to go on. Biked, stopped and walked to the 3 Km mark. From here on, the gradients got even tougher and some of the bends reminded me of the Ooty hills. Somewhere around this point, I saw Satish ahead of me walking with his cycle and I got some motivation to go on. Got on the bike and started pedalling - one revolution at a time - 1 x 1 gear. Caught up with Satish around the 1 Km mark and from here on we just walked up to the top and saw the welcome sight of the Nandi fort arch - 9.50 AM. Came to know Harisha had reached almost an hour back. Had some coconut water and cucumbers and waited for Shilpa to come in. She reached in another half an hour. We all then rested for some time, had a solid lunch and then started back around 12.30 PM. 

The ride down the hill was super - 8 Km in 14 minutes. Now reality stuck - the need to cover another 55 odd Km to get to Malleswaram in the middle of afternoon with the bright Sun on top of us. Decided to get to the airport turn off (24 Km) and then get on the airport Volvo bus. Reached the airport turnoff around 2.30 PM. Shilpa was the first to get on the JP Nagar bus. Krishna and Harisha decided to rough it out and rode away. We had to wait for a few more buses to get one with empty luggage area. Finally got on the bus and rested in the AC comfort. Got down at Mekhri circle, cycled to Malleswaram, picked up some ice cream on the way and reached my in-law's home around 3.30 PM. 

Thus ended my first ride to Nandi Hills. My aim now is to ride all the way to the top (no walking) and then get back home also riding - will probably do a night ride to the top and start back in the morning after seeing the sunrise. 

For those technically inclined check out the details.

PS: The pictures are coming...
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